Wine Island

Three studios, many drummers, a double album - a long time coming but Wine Island is out on 16th September. I'm loving it. And I'm looking forward to heading out to play some shows with my crackin' band featuring drum legend Robbie Souter (Dynamic Hepnotics, Slim Dusty), jazz bass maestro Jonathan Zwartz and young WA guitar player Doug Nairn.

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Check out Youtube for  "making of Wine Island".
Read the Stories behind the songs.

Side 1 Bianco is an echo of my formative years as a player. Listening to ABC Radio’s Room To Move at night in my room as a young’un and getting an almighty charge off great blues players like Elmore James and B.B King. Going to live shows by Zappa, Billy Thorpe, Barney Kessel, Leon Russell, AC/DC, Kraftwerk & Ry Cooder. Listening to Chuck Berry, Hendrix and José Feliciano records and more, whatever was rockin’, and trying to jam it all into how I played.

Side 2 Rosso is more about discovering and being seduced by the understated power and nuance of acoustic guitar, and the piano, and the joy of words and storytelling. Getting inside the music of Steely Dan, The Beatles (with Billy Preston), Paul Simon and Brian Wilson. Luxuriating in the soundscapes of Lalo Schifrin and Nino Rota. And coming late to the wonder of Scott Walker and Nick Lowe, trying to somehow make their patch of brilliant sky my own. 

Somewhere off Wine Island... Brendo