1. Try, Try Again
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(B. Gallagher) Universal Publishing

I can watch the wind blow in and out my window
it’s something that I get alright
but when she looks at me like one and one make three
I know it’s going to take all night

I’m making my three wishes as she does the dishes
thinking about what shoes she’s gonna wear
and I’m joining the dots between the have mores and the have nots
I’m trying to save the world, she’s just trying to save some time

We try, we try, we try,try, try, try again
I’m just a man, that’s all I am
it’s not my job to understand
I get the corn flakes down from the top shelf
I mess up some times, always keep my feelings to myself

Outside there’s a confession, in the front room a rejection
on the table what we’d like and what we need
I just want what’s best, she wants all the rest
well it’s just like mama said, if at first you don’t succeed then

You try, you try, you try, try, try, try again
We try, we try, we try,try, try, try again