Howdy partners, days are getting longer, you bewdy. In August I re-mastered the two Jimmy Little albums I produced - Messenger (1999) and Life's What You Make It (2004) - plus several unreleased tracks from that recording period (Triffid's 'Wide Open Road' for instance). Sounds fantastic, Don Bartley really brought out the magic in those albums with his stunning mastering job. To be released as a box set through Warner Music at an as yet unspecified date.

Coming up 18 sept at Camelot in Sydney a rare live appearance of the the three-headed monster that is dead marines - the 'Miracle from Marrickville' Bernie Hayes, Front End Loader's Bow Campbell and myself - playing songs from their album New Day and other crafty cuts from the 20th century song book. Also on the bill, direct from Melbourne, Alex Legg. Stand by for some more open tune/slide guitar masterclasses later this year and check dates for some great shows coming up (like me playing piano with Texan cabaret artist Luna Tart at Sydney Fringe Festival). Meanwhile I'm beavering away on my mad double album solo project which should be available mid 2012... promise. See youse all on the mean streets... Brendo
dead marines