Wine Island
  • Wine Island
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DOUBLE album released Sept 2013

★★★★☆ "We've long known that Brendan Gallagher is a fine musician, but what's clear in his latest work is his surpassing skill in the studio. For four years he's worked on the 21 tracks that comprise this two-CD set, laying down guitars, keys, bass and assorted other instruments, bringing in mates to help on drums and embellishments, but pretty much single-handedly crafting a package that sounds as good as anything you'll hear this year. Elegant, warm, without pretension, the material ranges from a powerful deep-blues walk through the standard Baby Please Don't Go to the beautifully crafted pop of Tonight On the Great Verandah and The Good Baker's Dream." JEFF GLORFELD, Sydney Morning Herald 4.10.13

"Wine Island is Brendan Gallagher's love letter to the rich assortment of musical styles that first inspired him. He's taken elements from these different styles, mixed them up in his quirky way and recorded them beautifully. It's a love letter that took decades to write and it's all the better for those rich years of experience it spent simmering in his musical brain." LUCKY OCEANS ABC Radio Daily Planet

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