On Eve Street
  • On Eve Street
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Debut solo album 2006

"It's not only the lyrical content, as in Karma County's Dexter & Sinestra, which oozes coolness, it's his vision for his music and his arrangements that make him so special. As his first solo album it becomes obvious this is not your average 'I can write a song and live in your street' kind of deal. He's a skilled guitarist, credible songwriter and producer and it's a wonder he hasn’t released a solo album sooner. On Eve St is a patchwork of instruments layered together by one of those few blessed with musical ears."

Claire 'Polly' Polanski, Tsunami Magazine

"Karma County front man Gallagher has crafted 12 songs with the virtuosity and maturity of a seasoned pro. The rich lyrics deal with the detail and broad brush strokes of a life lived somewhere on the fringes, while the music travels from multi-layered guitars to lush strings supported by a sure footed rhythm section led by Felix Bloxsom. Ably assisted by Jimmy Little, David McCormack, Charlie Owen and Lucky Oceans. A cut above the rest."

John Moyle, Leading Edge Magazine

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