Let there be rock!

The day before Xmas I signed a worldwide publishing deal with Alberts home of Vanda & Young, AC/DC, Washington, Gotye and more. Alberts will also be administering all of Karma County's back catalogue. I'm well chuffed to be part of…Read more

One cicada does not a summer make...

Still waiting for summer in Sydney? When it does arrive I'm gonna do a few days lying around the beach and recharge for 2012. Got some new recording projects coming up in 2012 and a proposed European tour with B!GRead more

ho bloody ho...

So this is Christmas... didn't quite get over the line with my run for a seat on the board of APRA, but I got very bloody close. Thanks to all my APRA member friends, and others, who supported me in…Read more

get on the good foot

Polling for the Writer Director position of the APRA Board closes at 5PM this thursday 10th November. Vote early, vote often and please vote for me. I've been a member for over twenty years and an APRA Ambassador for two…Read more

Cry Havoc! 

... and unleash the dogs of war. Polling is now open online for the Writer Director position of the APRA Board. Member writers can vote here until 10th November. Vote early, vote often and please vote for me. I've been…Read more

Vote early, vote often...

I will be standing as a candidate for the position of Writer Director for the APRA Board, the peak body that administers the performing and communication rights of 67,000 + songwriters and composers in Australia and New Zealand. I've…Read more

How many bass players does it take....?

"What a weekend!" as Frank Thring once infamously exclaimed. Did a big show at Camelot Lounge in Sydney with dead marines. Jimmy Little and his daughter Fran turned up from Dubbo. Jimmy looked like he was on his way to…Read more


 Howdy partners, days are getting longer, you bewdy. In August I re-mastered the two Jimmy Little albums I produced - Messenger (1999) and Life's What You Make It (2004) - plus several unreleased tracks from that recording period (Triffid's 'Wide…Read more