Merry Xmas/Happy New Year 

2016's been a big year and 2017 is shaping up as a cracker as well. Over hols I'll be mixing Paddy McHugh's new album - pretty much recorded live in the studio with his fabulous 5 piece band, raw, big…Read more


My new 6 track EP Sonofobituary is out NOW! Get your limited edition CD here

I'll be launching with my SOBs - Rob Souter, Jonathan Zwartz & Doug Nairn - at 505 in Sydney Friday 7th October. Tix here

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I'm back 

Been a bit busy. Just mastered my new 6 track EP Sonofobituary with Don Bartley. Should be out next month with some shows interstate and in Sydney Sept/Oct/Nov, keep an eye on dates page. Meanwhile give track 1 Town HallRead more

Summer 2015

No cicadas yet but it sure feels like summer. Silly season is upon us but there's a few things to be done before putting my santa hat on, mostly planning and preproduction for some big events next year - deets…Read more


Now it feels like spring (apologies to northern hemisphere friends). Kutcha Ewards' new album is finished, sounds great. Looking forward to going out on the road and playing it. Have been doing some behind the scenes planning for some special…Read more


Only 6 months to summer. Much to do. Almost finished Kutcha Ewards' new album. Should be out later this year and hopefully we'll be out on the road playing it live. It's a great record. Am busy in education too…Read more


My favourite time of year in Sydney. Have been busy doing some 'grown ups' work with APRA Board and associated committees but still making time to work on some new music. Have six songs in the bank for a new…Read more


Thanks to all who voted for me in the recent APRA Writer/Director poll. This time I got across the line. Looking forward to being an active participant in crafting APRA policy and getting some good outcomes for Australian songwriters.

Speaking…Read more


Aint it good to see the sun… Very happy to announce that I'm running again for the Writer/Director position on APRA Board, my 4th tilt at the job. Members please vote for me, non members tell your friends. Read…Read more

Winter vibes

In June I'll be playing 8 dates with The Audreys on their 'Til My Tears Roll Away tour plus a one off Wine Island show with Rob Souter & Doug Nairn at Co-Op Club, Church Point, check tour dates page…Read more


A late post for the new year, been busy. Played a few shows, worked on some records, had a holiday.

Next month Walking In The Rain (that I produced for Doc Neeson) will be released as a single ahead of…Read more