One cicada does not a summer make...

Still waiting for summer in Sydney? When it does arrive I'm gonna do a few days lying around the beach and recharge for 2012. Got some new recording projects coming up in 2012 and a proposed European tour with B!G in April/May. And, yes, I'm going to finish off my grand double album opus Wine Island, promise. Hopefully I'll get to realise my aural fantasy of cutting a double vinyl version, gatefold sleeve and all. 

Meanwhile I've got lots of shows at festivals in new year  - Gulgong Folk Festival 1st weekend of January and Illawarra Folk Festival 2nd weekend of January. I'll be doing open tune/slide masterclasses at both so check dates page for more info. APRA members please click here for a special deal on my Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar in Dec/Jan. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.... Brendo