get on the good foot

Polling for the Writer Director position of the APRA Board closes at 5PM this thursday 10th November. Vote early, vote often and please vote for me. I've been a member for over twenty years and an APRA Ambassador for two. For over thirty years I've maintained a comprehensive career as an independent artist in the music biz and now I want to get involved in policy as it affects songwriters and musicians generally. So if you want someone on the inside who is from the same side of the street as you then I NEED YOUR VOTE!

Last week I had two time Grammy award winner Lucky Oceans come over and do his dreamy pedal steel on a track of mine called Jerusalem Steps, a yacht rockin' instrumental that will be part of my double album Wine Island which I hope to release next year - promise. B!G (myself and Reels' drummer John Boy Bliss) will be heading out on the road for some gigs, Sydney fans get a special treat with B!G + Dog Trumpet = B!G DOG! at Camelot Lounge. More Pinks, dead marines shows too and a surprise Xmas gig. Check out dates page for more info.

See youse all on the mean streets... Brendo